There are things we have to do in life, things that are hard. No matter how tough, sticky and painful they are, we must do them.
And then there are things in life we DON’T have to do. …. Which essentially is everything.
You don’t HAVE to do anything at all you don’t want to. There are consequences but ultimately you don’t have to do them.
‘oh but I have to pay my property taxes’
‘these kids aren’t going to take care of themselves’
‘how else will these bills get paid?’

If you truly don’t want to do it put one foot in front of another until you’re away, far away.
Just understand that the effect it carries is one you can live with.


About Brunch At Tiffs

I love to write, read, crochet, thrift and reinvent. My hands make delicious concoctions and I love a good spur of the moment recipe. My life goal is to be a missionary for Japan. Oh yea and, Bunnies!...that is all...

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