So much full


Today was a day off with a plan!

… so naturally none of what I needed to do actually happened and I got distracted by other things.

I made a tremendously long list of what was like like goals than errands and was hoping too tackle a few things.

Instead I ended up going out to eat with this loser


… don’t even ask, no one knows what’s going on in this pic.

I have to say I feel like my bangs looked pretty good today. It’s the little things that make me happy.


I’m elbows deep in a lasagna, as they say, so let me finish cleaning.

Here’s a collection of adorable things pressed against glass. You can save them as your phone wallpaper our lock screen.



And lastly



About Brunch At Tiffs

I love to write, read, crochet, thrift and reinvent. My hands make delicious concoctions and I love a good spur of the moment recipe. My life goal is to be a missionary for Japan. Oh yea and, Bunnies!...that is all...

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