I’m not rich enough to be healthy


Today is a cold, windy and rainy New England day…and I’m sitting at the clinic.

I’ve been having some issues with choking on my food and pressure in my chest so my friend dragged me to the clinic to see if I can first get some financial aid, then get seen.

I hate going to the doctors, especially for big stuff. I used to be a hypochondriac until I saw how much it costs to get checked out. Now I won’t even go to the doctor if my finger might be broken and nail falling off (that happened *vomit sounds*). It costs so much to see if you’re dying or not so I just opt out.

I’m not rich enough to be healthy.
(Insert political rant about American healthcare system)

I work tonight so hopefully I’ll get to enjoy this rain with some anime and snuggle up with my cat.


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