A weekend packed like Sardines in a can!


There were so many things going on last weekend and I feel like it all flew by so fast! Zazzles and Willy Nilly came over and we had a big sleepover. We all wore footie pajamas and stayed up late talking about boys and painted each others nails-NOT! I wouldn’t have minded doing all of that but Thanksgiving or should I say Pre-Black Friday and Black Friday itself messed up my week and I was more tired than 2 rabbit’s in a wool sack.

Happily I was rejuvenated and fully rested by the time Saturday rolled around and ready to get some stuff done. I had a mental list of about 27 thousand things to do, luckily we only did half 😉


Zazzles has some really nice pictures and talks about our weekend together here.

Check it out and come back soon.


About Brunch At Tiffs

I love to write, read, crochet, thrift and reinvent. My hands make delicious concoctions and I love a good spur of the moment recipe. My life goal is to be a missionary for Japan. Oh yea and, Bunnies!...that is all...

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