Project Pinterest November



Here’s my finished product! For November I tackled this twine wrapped box I’ll be using for jewelry and makeup. It looked simple enough:

Step 1. Get box
Step 2. Get twine
Step 3. Wrap box in twine (with help of tacky glue or sticky rice haha!)
That’s it!

One thing I didn’t expect was how long it took. My box was probably about 16X8 and about 4 inches tall and took almost 2 hours for 1 box! Maybe hot glue or a helping hand could’ve made it go smoother but it’s done nonetheless. I will be making 1 more box eventually when I’m not feeling lazy.


About Brunch At Tiffs

I love to write, read, crochet, thrift and reinvent. My hands make delicious concoctions and I love a good spur of the moment recipe. My life goal is to be a missionary for Japan. Oh yea and, Bunnies!...that is all...

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