Project Pinterest October


I know you thought I forgot about that fun Pinterest challenge already and let you down, but I didn’t! and I won’t!… not yet atleast hehe…
I’ve been plowing through diy project after project (and of course none of them are my Challenge projects, but that’s why it’s a challenge right?).
For October I did a yummy and made this delicious Buttermilk Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Cake. I was recovering from a recent medical procedure and realized my life would be incomplete without it.
It wasn’t too sweet like a dessert cake which was perfect, also I used orange zest since no lemons were on hand and it made a  significant and magical difference…wowzah!

Check out the recipe here. (Follow link)

Some other projects I’ve done was a diy of instant hot chocolate mix and taco seasoning. I refuse to shell out almost $3 for a box of half chocolate half mystery chemicals so I grabbed a box of Hersheys unsweetened 100% cacao (same as cocoa) and about quadrupled the hot chocolate recipe. Also added a packet of powdered milk to make it ‘milk chocolate’ and left out the vanilla extract until I actually make a cup. Tested it and was pretty satisfying.


I had always use my own spices to configure taco seasoning but realized I’d probably save a minimum of 20 seconds and 1 calorie if I premade it do made it I did. It looked like that sandart I always wanted to do as a 90’s kid. I eyeballed it as a third jar cumin, third of Chili powder, about a third cup garlic powder and about 2 tblsp Italian seasoning. You can change it up as you see fit. I didn’t want to add cayenne to this since sometimes I make Chili for people that don’t love spicey as much as myself and the Mister.


This Rose Detox Bath Mix was heavenly (fyi I tried it last night and want to give up showers forever):
4 cups Epsom salt
1 cup baking soda
1/4 cup sea or kosher salt
1 packet of powdered milk
1 cup dried rose petals
1/4 cup dried lavender
I tripled this, ground it all in my Ninja and added about 1/2 cup to a hot bath. SO AMAZING! 

And here’s a sneak peak to my November project 🙂 nighty night

What could it be?!  What could it be?!

What could it be?!
What could it be?!


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