Dutch? Apple blueberry pie



Today was another stay-home day, after a painful day of going back to work yesterday. I took it easy and watched anime while lying down all day. Then it happened…my hands got that nervous twitch of needing something to do, my legs became restless and my mind was running wild and fast like a horse through a feild.
I had some jars of Apple Pie filling I canned last year lying around and I keep seeing these adorable mini pies all oberdaplace and so had to have them. So I made 13!


12 in a muffin pan, and 1 in a mason jar for good luck, or whatever (left over pie crust). I used my go-to pie crust recipe and my filling, mixed in a few frozen blueberries, and made some topping.
I’m calling it Dutch since I’m pretty sure the crumblies constitutes it being a Dutch pie, right? Well my family name is Dutch so either way I have my bases covered.
Hubby ate 2 pies, I barely finished one. He raved, something about the best pie of his life, and amazing, and mind blowing, no big deal (possible hyperbole in use). I am very excited though, I absolutely love to bake and love it when someone loves my creation.
It’s late so here’s your piece



About Brunch At Tiffany's

Self proclaimed pickle connoisseur, advid anime binger, doused in otaku culture, obsessed with Japan. Mother to one cat, four bunnies. I love to cook, eat and primarily nap. When not catching a beauty wink, and away from the tube I'll keep you updated on senpai. Writer, photographer, traveler, linguist, heartbroken human trying to fill in the void...

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