A Pinterest challenge…with an accountability partner so I can’t weasle my way out


So all of us here know how I deal with a very serious addiction, I’m a Pinterestaholic. I know, I know, I really need to seek some help. I spend my nights foggy eyed, cramped over a bright screen pinning recipe after recipe and tutorial after tutorial of bright colored, chalkboard painted, chevron patterned goodness I just can’t step away from. It’s a sickness that keeps me happy to be cheap, thrifty and inventive, and feel like a first class bakerella; my husband enjoys the yummies of course.

Well what better to fuel the fire than a fun and friendly challenge with my gurrrrl EastCoastGirl! *andthecrowdroars*

Not a challenge against each other but against ourselves. Cause face it, we’re professional procrastinators and the hardest part our day is whether or not to change our pants or just spray extra perfume in the bathroom parts…only me?

EastCoastGirl talks all about our fun new endeavor of actually doing a handful of our many pins instead of dreaming of it. Check out her post here.

I’ve actually been doing pretty well doing projects consistently lately. Zazzles and her husband Willy Nilly surprised us with a visit last night, and helped me finish up a few quick projects.

I tried this recipe for apple cider and wasn’t too happy with the result. Directions were to heat up the apples in water and strain and I felt like it cooked out some of the flavor instead of enhancing it. I usually just blend raw apples with a little water and strain with cheesecloth. I just doctored it by adding a few cinnamon sticks and a little sugar and it was fine.


There have been recipes for diy laundry detergent everywhere and I just had to take a stab at it. It was super cheap, quick and easy to do. Probably a 20 minute project with help from zazzles (minus lots of late night laughter). The finished project looks great in my new half gallon Ball jar and smelled great. Can’t wait to try it!…yeaaa, I just said I can’t wait to do laundry.


I remember growing up my dad would cook my brother and I London broil’s for dinner, eggs and bacon with the occasional Chinese rice leftovers for breakfast all in a heavy cast iron skillet. I see cobbler and cookie recipes all over Pinterest where they are baked right in one and I drool and drool. Paula Deen even makes her biscuits in them, that’s all the convincing I need!

I picked one up a few weeks ago for $1 at a yard sale (score!) but it definitely needs a refinishing. This
diy refinish your cast iron skillet’ project is perfect but I’ll be waiting a week before I can use my pan. It takes quite a bit of prep work before I can even touch it, but I can’t wait to see the results. Here are a few before pics, in a few days I’ll have an after.


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  1. That cast iron skillet looks so sad. Good deal, though! For some reason I’ll only cook in nonstick pans but realizing my mom has one and Adam cooks a lot in his, they must be a necessity in everyone’s kitchen. I once scrubbed Adam’s skillet while washing (not knowing the seasoning has to stay on there forever) and he got mad he had to reseason it all over again.

    Here’s a post about how to season your skillet!

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