What’s going on with me



Hello there. Como estas usted? Quieres jugar fútbol conmigo? Porque no quieres jugar fútbol conmigo?…ahhh the nonsense they taught us in Spanish class in school…
Well it’s fall y’all! And I’m home on my bum, well not literally. I’m literally balancing from cheek to cheek since I had this very annoying pilonidal cyst removed last week (only took 7 years to get a surgery date). But I’m fine and the pain is slowly subsiding and eventually I’ll be able to sit upright, run a mile and roundhouse kick in no time (who am I kidding…a mile?)
Since I can’t sit I can’t drive, and since I can’t drive it means I’m homebound until my bum fluff is healed.
I’ve been brimming with Pinteresting ideas but haven’t had energy for most of them (I am supposed to be resting after all), but today I had some energy so I did some things! Small things but things!
…oh yea, like that balcony pic of our backyard? It looks SO much better than the swap garden we moved into…


I noticed recently Walmart started carrying the large half gallon sized mason jars this year. Of course I could’ve totally used them last year when canning was a full time job but better late…
I was so happy the Mr. picked them up for me, and he was happy cause now we have storage containers.
Seriously, online it’s $14 for 3 plastic containers, these were $11 and came with 6 glass jars. Score!


I’ve been wanting to dehydrate citrus peels to have on-hand zest and whole oranges for fall craft purposes maybe but the painkillers I’m on left me a sleepy dwarf, or maybe even dopey (get it?). I threw in some over ripe tomatoes too I got on the marked down produce rack so I can make tomato powder, used for a thickener in recipes or homemade tomato sauce.
I love the look of Mason jars and if you came to my home I think you’d instantly notice.  There are jars in my bathroom, in my kitchen, heck my husband uses them to hold up his Playstation 3 when gaming! Just call me Monica Mason whydontcha 🙂
Do you like the look of Mason jars? What do you use them for?


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Self proclaimed pickle connoisseur, advid anime binger, doused in otaku culture, obsessed with Japan. Mother to one cat, four bunnies. I love to cook, eat and primarily nap. When not catching a beauty wink, and away from the tube I'll keep you updated on senpai. Writer, photographer, traveler, linguist, heartbroken human trying to fill in the void...

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