Chorus of Westerly Summer Pops (Taylor Swift not included)


Morning! How was everyone’s holiday? Hopefully safe, fun and with no regrets. Mine was spectacular, but I’ll get into that a bit later. My professional procrastination has gotten the best of me so I have some belated adventures to update on.

June 22 was the Chorus of Westerly’s 33rd annual summer pops outdoor concert. I’ve only been invited the last…..mmmmm…6 years or so and I’ve felt so horrible for not making it each time. Particularly since a very important friend we share performs in it, can you take a guess?

It’s East Coast Girl! Yea!

Me ‘n’ muh gurl

She’s a Jaquelin of all trades, keyboardist, singer, classical music guru, mother, fiance`, and best friend. She’s one of my favorite people to be around, and I could orbit around her all day. She’s sarcastic, hilarious, fashionable, educated, everything I want to be and more.

And who better to have with me than Sparkles, my favorite partner in crime!

Sparkles and I parked at a local church since it was the only parking we could find and was only 3 minuets away according to Google maps. So we walked following the navigation until we heard an amazing cover of ‘Comfortably Numb’ echoing through the park. I had already planned on picking up some donuts at Bess Eaton since they are amazing and is a local business that just came back after being gone for like 15 years. The guy I named Matthew-Ryan-Bryan told us the donuts were BOGO so we went crazy and got half a dozen between Sparkles and I and pretty much devoured them all minus 2 we gave away.

Having a blast!

When we got back we sat on a blanket on the grass and watched the various performers do their show.

It was kind of like a variety show which really cool and different from what I imagined. For some reason I thought there would be a small group of prim and polished folk standing in a circle while classical dark chamber 16th century catholic church type chorus would be sung. Quite contrary, (and I don’t even know where those images came from) but when the Big Act got on stage it was so amazing.

I picked ECG’s face out of the crowd and watched as her mouth did the ahh’s and ooo’s of the words. The songs were all so upbeat and patriotic, it sounded like an MMO or Disney movie soundtrack.

So when ECG’s fiance` joined Sparkles and I we started configuring which Disney scene it was while the music was playing. ‘This is when all the workers are on the boat singing and working’ ‘This is when they enter the village and go to the inn’ ‘This is when they stare into each others eyes and fall in love’ -It was hilarious and fun, and at one point I think our imaginary characters made love and got a limb cut off.We were laughing hilariously. At the end were unscheduled fireworks (better late than never, right?) and we congratulated ECG on how great she did and how she sounded so good out of the other 100 people on stage with her.

Amazing show

Now, you would imagine the night would end there. But since Sparkles and I parted ways with ECG and Mr. Fiance` we still had to walk back to the car…in the dark…from a different direction we started in. Now Google maps said only 3 minuets walking, can’t mess that up right? Well, how long does it take 2 overdistracted ladies to find a car 50 yards away? About 25 minuets lol…and I have to laugh because it was pretty funny. We started out heading the completely wrong direction for a good 10 minuets before we realized nothing was familiar. Then we took 2 right turns which brought us too a whole new place we didn’t know, so we had to Google churches in the area and try to figure out which one might be the one we parked at and walk around in the dark down murder-ridden allies until we found it. And found the car we did, and we exhaled a sigh of relief and went home. It was such a fun day with Sparkles, ECG, and Mr. Fiance`.


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