Weekend escapades


Since my in laws have adopted a small baseball team of kids, I’ve been trying desperately to spend all time out of the house. Which in a way has been really been helping my procrastination problem. I think I’ve accomplished more in the past weekend than I’ve done all last month!

I had 1 appointment for work on Friday and it cancelled on me so I had the whole day ahead of me. I wanted to sleep but-kids. I wanted to watch tv but-kids. I wanted to spend the day crafting at home but-kids. So I packed up and went to spend my day with Zazzles! I brought 12lbs of crisco, a case of mason jars and other assorted supplies.


Super cool outfit I found :b

We 1st went to Goodwill where, I found a possesed my size barbie, and a gorgeous antique tea kettle. Unfortunately it wasn’t half off (I’m too cheap for full priced thrifting). I also started a one-man flash mob crump dance when a white spider crawled out of the kettle and onto my neck.

This is basically what I did (I come in at 48 seconds)

After I had a mini stroke from the spider incident, zazzles and I had a nice sit down lunch at a Japanese restaruant. The lady who served us looked like the Noh masked character from spirited away, scarry!

2013-06-14 15.45.29

Ingredient are just Crisco (can add essential oils to scent if desired), wick, and mason jar to pour into. Will burn slow and clean

After being crawled on and served by spirits we went back to Zazzles’ and did some Pinterest candle making. I had been wanting to make these 50hr and 100hr candles ever since our power was shut off from that ‘Frankenstorm’ we had last winter.

Yesterday, was just as exciting. I was searching the past night trying to find a good deal on coconut oil since I go through it so quickly (I live off of that stuff!) And stumbled upon someones blog that said Trader Joes carries it for only $5.99 for 14 oz! I’ve been paying on average $10 for 16 oz which is crazy talk!

2013-06-14 16.51.29

Crisco starting to cool

The closest Trader Joes to here is an hour away in Warwick, Rhode Island. So I mapped out a string of estate sales, yard sales, and thrift shoppes along the way and invited Ermalicious from East Coast Girl and Zazzles…It was great, the very first stop we get to the lady yells, “Everything’s 50 cents girls, have at it!” I was like a shark out to kill. I ended up getting Samonilla a nice dust encrusted computer chair and Zazzles got a few glasswares. We stopped here and there at a few other yard sales, even a few street lined ones. Those are always gold ’cause it’s like mall shopping, you just glance and mosey on down to the next stop. I found a Yakima bike rack and roof rack set for only $20, and Zazzles got a hopefullynotpossesed Mayan lamp! It has ancient stone inlays all around it, very nice steal for 5 bucks.


Nice 90’s hair style

Ermalicious picked up a toy for little Aid’s (short for Aiden) and scored when we went to Savers (kind of like a Goodwill but better prices). She got a cute pair of black shorts, I got a few pairs of work pants, and we all got free allergies for the next week. I must’ve sneezed 6 times in there.

Finally we rounded the trip with our last stop; Trader Joes. I couldn’t believe the prices, everything was so cheap. Which was very surprising because it was ORGANIC! If I had one of these by me I would be shopping organic all the time; it was so affordable! I ended up getting 3 jars of coconut oil, some almond milks, honey, and Japanese rice soup bowls.

After dropping off mama bear and baby bear, Zazzles and I ended our day with Udon soup and tempura at her husbands job; Koto. It was so yummy and just what I needed to warm my heart and soul before going back into the baseball field.

It was an amazing day and so much fun, can’t wait to do it again!

If you want to read more about our trip, with more pictures check out Zazzles’ page here, and check out my girl Ermasicle over here too! Happy Fathers day!


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