Eggs, maps and abandoned buildings…


Wow I have a headache from all the laughing I did today. Today was an awesome day filled with nice words and exciting quests…yes quests.

Church was just so great today. We said goodbye to a long time church family that is leaving to Alabama to do the Lords work and help out their family that is suffering from Alzheimer’s. I could totally relate and gave my condolences to them, I know how hard it is as a family to go through such a destructive disease since both my grandmothers are currently going through it. As sad as it was to see them go it was amazing to see Gods plan play out in their lives.

The air was warm and the wind on the coast was cool as Sam and I were looking for yard sales on our way back from Home Depot. Surprisingly we only found one…nothing good unfortunately (shucks) but it was a nice drive around.

We had a lunch date with my cousins Zazzles and her husband Willserson afterwards which was in due time since I was staaavin’ like maaavin’. Willserson is Indonesian and made us Chicken redang. It was sweet/spicy blackened chicken breast pieces with seasoned soft boiled eggs, and stir fry vegetables and sticky rice on the side. I made white bean chili with ground turkey and for dessert we had frozen bananas we dipped in munstons dark chocolate and sprinkled in coconut flakes. Aaaaaahhhhh my mouth is watering thinking about it all again. I should’ve brought the eggs home, they were huge and delicious!

The four of us are planning a field trip across the tri-state area so we were brain storming some ideas which was pretty exciting. There was something about whale watching, amusement parks, bear attacks, mountain climbing, witch hunts, grappling hooks and farms….it sounds a lot more extreme on paper I assure you. I can’t wait nevertheless! It’s going to be so memorable.

We had quite the memorable quest in an abandoned house next door to zazzles after our pig-out. We went to permanently borrow their recycle bin (since it’s been abandoned for over 2 years) and walked a bit around the property. It surely was a sight in it’s hey-day with an nice gazebo shed in the back and large rooms we could see from peeking through windows in the back. I looked to see if there was anything good left behind inside…I had my eye on a george foreman sandwich toaster. We checked all the doors to look inside; we had to find a way in, it was evident it had to be haunted…or had a dead body…or had little foreign kids being trafficked. Sadly everything was locked, except the outside basement doors. We went back to her house to grab a flashlight (and the men) and went onwards on our quest. Halfway through cobweb and dead spider laden basement stairs we realized one of us could just go ahead and unlock the upstairs doors and let the rest in. We walked around the first floor like potential homeowners looking at the bathrooms, gauging the bedrooms. Then the second floor got a little weird. There was an obvious dramatic slant in the stairs leading up to floor two and when I stepped onto the platform I felt my equilibrium go willy nilly and got a bit dizzy. We walked around again like perspective buyers on an open house (I checked the closets for signs of struggle or H-E-L-P written in blood). We turned the corner at the end of the second floor and my husband pointed out an other staircase? We had no idea there was a third floor! As we ascended the third floor there was a thick blanket of heat that emersed you with each step upward. The last floor was a noticable 20 degree increase, only bedrooms and a small three feet high hallway that ran the length of the floor. Obviously used for storage or the underground railroad…or those bodies. There were random things strung around the corners of some of the rooms: old vinyl blinds, phone books, spilt jars of cleaner, and my george foreman sandwich toaster! Sadly up close it was very dusty and if an appliance can look like it has STD’s, it did. Willserson and Samela were impatient to get out so we did our last look through’s and got out with no tetanus yay! It was simple but really fun and thrilling even though we didn’t find any skeletons or ‘save me’ notes.

Heading down

Overgrown abandoned house

Wow, it was so fun and I am stuffed with just a little heart burn. Have you ever seen an abandoned house that you always wondered what was inside? Have you ever investigated?


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    • It wasn’t trespassing, there wasn’t a ‘no trespassing’sign. We were perspective buyers checking out the property… and I thought I heard someone scream help so I had to check, it was my American duty.

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