Off to become a Maine-iac



It’s been settling into spring weather slowly here but this past week has been drizzly, chilly and windy; not so fun. What was going to be an outside patio party turned out to be an inside dinner, and I enjoyed it more that way. It was intimate and cheerful, and just plain fun. It’s sometimes nice to be surrounded by many loud laughing voices, just to take your mind off things.

Now my great friend Raeanna (I know, sweet name right?) was leaving to Maine, from Connecticut to be with her family. Sometimes us small town folk get so comfortable in our everyday routine, knowing the layout of our land, driving our bland vehicles to unenthusiastic jobs, that we just need a break in the metronome music called life…whoa that got deep fast.

So I’m so happy and excited to see anyone escape this snow globe of a town we live in, where you get trapped in comfortability, that I half-heartily wish I could pack up and go with her.

Anywho, since Friday was the last day of my diet I couldn’t eat any of the delicious food at the restaurant but I did have a great time saying goodbye. Here we are hanging like a couple of cool cats:



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