End of 3 day military diet


So I started this escapade of a diet 4 days ago today and let me just start by saying I’m a pessimist when it comes to dieting.  Any weight loss is a good weight loss; that fat ain’t paying no rent! (ya know waddai mean :b) So although my numbers aren’t as high as I was hoping I’m still extremely pleased and will continue to do the diet with weeks off in between. 
So here we go:
Weigh in morning of day one- 137.4
Weigh in morning of day four (after everything has run its course- 133.4!
That’s a 4 lb loss in 3 days! Now I tried to follow diet but some things just didn’t work out, like me forgetting a cup of tea or a fruit or so forth.  All in all I’m calling this a keeper for sure. 

And since today was my first official day back to normal I tried not to go overboard but did manage to eat one and a half BLT sandwiches…it was magical after crackers and boiled eggs everyday.


About Brunch At Tiffs

I love to write, read, crochet, thrift and reinvent. My hands make delicious concoctions and I love a good spur of the moment recipe. My life goal is to be a missionary for Japan. Oh yea and, Bunnies!...that is all...

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