End of 3 day military diet


So I started this escapade of a diet 4 days ago today and let me just start by saying I’m a pessimist when it comes to dieting.  Any weight loss is a good weight loss; that fat ain’t paying no rent! (ya know waddai mean :b) So although my numbers aren’t as high as I was hoping I’m still extremely pleased and will continue to do the diet with weeks off in between. 
So here we go:
Weigh in morning of day one- 137.4
Weigh in morning of day four (after everything has run its course- 133.4!
That’s a 4 lb loss in 3 days! Now I tried to follow diet but some things just didn’t work out, like me forgetting a cup of tea or a fruit or so forth.  All in all I’m calling this a keeper for sure. 

And since today was my first official day back to normal I tried not to go overboard but did manage to eat one and a half BLT sandwiches…it was magical after crackers and boiled eggs everyday.


About Brunch At Tiffany's

Self proclaimed pickle connoisseur, advid anime binger, doused in otaku culture, obsessed with Japan. Mother to one cat, four bunnies. I love to cook, eat and primarily nap. When not catching a beauty wink, and away from the tube I'll keep you updated on senpai. Writer, photographer, traveler, linguist, heartbroken human trying to fill in the void...

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