3 Day Military Diet


So a couple months ago, when I was strung out on Pinterest all night going pin crazy, I had come across this great diet that was only 3 days. I read into it, and it seemed extremely doable.

Why would you want to do a diet for only 3 days? you might be asking. There is reported weight loss of up to 6-10 lbs in just 3 days.

Now I’ve heard a lot of criticism about how it is ‘not healthy’ to loose that much weight in that short amount of time, or ‘it’s not the right way to loose weight’ and a number of other criticisms, and to all that I say ‘phooey!’ It took me 6 months to loose a little over 5 lbs after working out and a complete diet restructure, so I want to see some results; even if they’re cheap fast ones.

Click here to see diet

Now I’m actually on day 3 as of today but I just wanted to touch on the experience.

I’m really bad at being consistent with things, if it’s too drawn out I’ll loose interest and…oh a squirrel!….ya know? So 3 days was just short enough for me to really commit. I did have to make only 1 substitution which was the cottage cheese *gagsounds* but overall I’ve survived. I liked that there is ice cream at the end of every night, which gave me something to look forward to, and I enjoyed eating many small amounts of food rather than binge eating like it’s my last supper as I normally do. I noticed I had a lot more energy, and it forced me to eat more simple an I found I enjoyed it, ie bread without loaded up jams or butters.

I recommend to ready the entire page of the diet, don’t just scroll down and start. There is explanations of what you’re eating, substitutions and why the diet works.

I weighed in at 137.4 butt nekkid on Wednesday 5/21 (those clothes really add up). Results will be posted tomorrow when I wake up bright and early.




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