Trying to be Japanese one picture at a time


Okay,  so I’ve been a bad bad girl.  But for the best reasons.  I’ve been away-but it’s because I’ve been working.  I love my new career and I’m so happy for all the blood, sweat,  and (most of all) tears I put into getting it. 
Not much has changed besides having a job to go to everyday instead of lying around watching K-dramas or anime.

I recently watched a K-drama called Flower Boy Ramen Shop and I’m the kind of person that I get affected by a show-that’s why anime is so affective to me . So I went to an Asian Supermarket and bought myself an assortment of ramen and even a fancy little bowl to eat it out of.  I was feeling especially Asian today ^_^

Have you ever heard of ‘deco den’? It’s the Japanese fashion of decorating your phone and pictures (at least that’s what the description of the app I downloaded told me). I transformed my phone and some pictures just now,  tell me what you think.




I don’t think my husband would be too happy about the last one but it’ll be our secret :b.


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