Walmart, Target & CVS Shopping Trip of 11/03



I know I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time but I’m back and ready for deals. I took advantage of the Lumene deal at cvs this month where you buy $30 worth of products and you get 10 ecbs. After coupons the total was just under $10 bucks so it came up to being free (even better since I used a gift card to cover my oop costs). I did that deal 3 times, only 1 deal pictured. Next at Target the Stove top is $1 on sale and I used a $1/2 coupon bringing it diabetes to $0.50 each, 2 Swanson broth $0.59 after a $1/2 coupon comes to $0.09 each. Heinz gravy $1 each, $1/3 coupon comes to $0.67 each. At Walmart I didn’t have any coupons to use but I “needed” hot chocolate and I’ve had a container of goat cheese in my fridge I’ve been dying to eat so I got some crackers. I used a gift card to pay so $0.00 oop. Total I paid oop for everything above was $5.18 yay!!


About Brunch At Tiffany's

Self proclaimed pickle connoisseur, advid anime binger, doused in otaku culture, obsessed with Japan. Mother to one cat, four bunnies. I love to cook, eat and primarily nap. When not catching a beauty wink, and away from the tube I'll keep you updated on senpai. Writer, photographer, traveler, linguist, heartbroken human trying to fill in the void...

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