Baby Project: Complete (Only a little late)


Remember that Baby Project from a while back? Yes, a while is 5 months, and yes I did finish it!….kinda…

I decided that a boring double crochet stitch was too, well boring. So I decided instead on a ginormous Granny Square pattern instead! It wasn’t really ginormous but still big enough for a baby. I wanted to make it larger but conveniently sadly ran out of yarn. I had finished and only needed to deliver it which is easy right?

Baby was due in August….which passed….then was born. September came and I seriously had to drop the blanket off. I threw some coupons in the bag and some free baby samples I had gotten from Pampers in the mail (that would be free diaper samples not travel sized babies…cause that would be odd)

Anywho, here’s the finished project! Only 5 months late :D….only





About Brunch At Tiffany's

Self proclaimed pickle connoisseur, advid anime binger, doused in otaku culture, obsessed with Japan. Mother to one cat, four bunnies. I love to cook, eat and primarily nap. When not catching a beauty wink, and away from the tube I'll keep you updated on senpai. Writer, photographer, traveler, linguist, heartbroken human trying to fill in the void...

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