Study on with a Coconut cake


I’ve been SO stressed I had to use bold and italics together to express how much! I got a position at a job I was praying about (yay!) which is great, right? It is, except I have to pass a state exam before I can beginI haven’t studied since High School and even then most of my studying was trying to find the best route to skip the next class. I don’t have that much brains when it comes to retention so to be honest I was internally freaking out a wee bit worried. I am supposed to be almost halfway through my 16 chapters of studying by now and I just finished the 3rd this morning 😦 I’m not feeling very confident. And since my womanly cycle just came to top off my anxiety sundae I’ve been crying at every answer I get wrong and punching mouthfuls of Popcorn Indiana into my pie whole. Needless to say, this Sunday morning I was not in the mood to go to church, or coupon. I just wanted to bury myself in my sheets and watch Anime and Korean dramas. Instead we went and I had a wonderful time. Pastor Randy prayed over me for my studying (I told him I was having a difficult time and recanted my thought of stating I’m an idiot taking a ‘big people’s’ exam) and over Sam for being the head of the household and a great husband; which who am I kidding, he already is.

I felt so great after church and heard some words I really needed to hear.

I just took an easy peasy cake out of the oven, when I came home I felt great and when I feel good I belong in the kitchen. (Some men may disagree a woman should always be in there but believe you me, you don’t want me in there when I’m mad…poop soup anyone?)

I found a coconut cake recipe on Pinterest that I had been thinking of, dreaming of, talking about, so I really just had to make it already. Here’s my easy peasy recipe:

coconut jam cake


1 Box white mix

3 Egg whites

Oil, depending on the cake mix

Orange or pineapple juice

Coconut extract/almond extract, vanilla extract

1 Jar cream cheese frosting

flaked, sweetened coconut

Strawberry or raspberry jam

Follow directions for box cake, use orange or pineapple juice in place of the water adding 1 tbsp coconut extract, 1/2 tsp almond extract and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Bake according to package directions for a 2 layer cake.

Cool completely, add jam between the layers. Make sure to cool completely, else jam will just absorb into cake and it will not stay together.

Frost, then add your shredded coconut all over. Optional: I added about a tbsp coconut extract to the frosting) And your done!

I’m so excited to try this cake and to take my own sexy photos. Since I’m still in the ‘Cool completely‘ process I’m stealing the picture from the lady who I got the recipe from.


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