Secret Garden, Secret Woods & a Secret Friend


Today Zazzles and I had a picnic under a tree next to an old watch tower at Harkness State Park. It is such a wonderful park with lots of nature nooks and crannies. There was an exotic flower garden in full bloom next to where we set up so we walked through and took lots of pictures. There were so many colors and so many butterflies I felt like I was in a scene from The Secret Garden! It really did feel like a secret garden since it was hidden to the side of a building behind a path.

Zazzles and I ate some gouda cheese on crackers with my Mango Habanero Jelly and sipped Koolaid (which she said was Dimatap flavor) out of mason jars. All we needed else was lace dresses and flower wreaths and our picture perfect picnic would have been complete.

As I was driving and me and Zaz’ were talking I gasped and threw on the brakes! In the middle of the day, in a non-wooded area a deer was just grazing on someones lawn, I couldn’t believe it! Zazzles was amazed too and said it might have rabies while rolling down her window. As I was backing up the car in excitement to get a closer picture I hit the curb with my back tire and yelped worried I may have bent my Kosei rims. Zazzles and I agreed right there that if they were bent we would say a deer ran out and I had to hit the curb to save our souls…thank God the wheel was fine, phew!

Then there was a creaky old fence entrance to a park I had been eyeballing all summer after driving by it on my way to work at the beach. Since we had time we decided to take our chance to walk through; hoping there weren’t bum fights, dead bodies, or drug trips going on. Luckily there wasn’t, although I think we may have found where they filmed The Blair Witch…there was a creepy well and a creepy crooked tree (pictures above). Then the most amazing thing occurred. After Zazzles screamed at the top of her lungs, we saw 2 deer standing about 20 feet away! It was so amazing! I put down my stuff and tried to walk up to the lady deer (after the scary husband with the antlers walked away to have a cigarette). It let me get real close and I thought it would actually take a bite of the honeysuckles I was offering it but it ended up getting jittery and trotted off…but still looking back to keep an eye on us. It was magical! Just so amazing to walk through nature and see it going on as it should be without having to go around electrical poles or fences or run from cars, but just graze and trot as it should be allowed to do unconditionally…we are going back with our husbands next weekend, hopefully the deer won’t bring more company too. I just want to be able to feed a deer and live to tell the tale. Hopefully next week will be that tale. 😀


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