Canning pickles, fruit in syrup, and marmalade

Wild Child, Dill & mixed pepper Pickles, Cinnamon Apples in syrup, Peaches in syrup, Baby Watermelon in syrup, Orange Marmalade


My phone said it was 47 degrees outside today! Yikes! It was nippy enough where you just wanted to stay under the warm sheets all morning…and stay under I did. I had purchased an entire box of pickling cucumbers from my grocer and needed to use them asap since I noticed they go bad really quickly.

I try to do as much canning as I can when I have the waterbath going since it’s not an everyday kind of thing. I literally worked a shift. From 12:30 until almost 9 I was slaving over a hot waterbath and I am beat.I am very proud though; there’s nothing like making your own products…especially the yummy ones. The Apples in syrup have to be the one jar I’m most excited to pop open. I’m just picturing sipping out of a warm mason jar of Cinnamon Apples in syrup on a snowy day…mmmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it!


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