Walmart & Walgreens Shopping Trip of 9/8


I feel like September is ‘Get your Glade and Razors!’ month. I only got a free deal on razors once since I started couponing and it was in Florida at my favorite store in the world Publix…oh how I dream about shopping there again. But this month there were quite a few BOGO coupons that were taking off full value which meant free razors with overage! I couldn’t pass that up, and pass that up I didn’t as seen below:

I have no excuse for my room smelling like farts and having hairy legs now!

Then last night I decided to wait till last minuet (sound familiar?) to use my $10 RR from Walgreens that was expiring in a day. And buy last minuet I mean I went at 8pm…yea, that’s professional that is. I usually have a hard time when I go to this Walgreens but I had to use my RR before they expired. I prayed and walked the empty aisles and probably looked like a mad woman but the cashier was lovely and the manager too and I only spent $1 out of pocket for everything! I would’ve only had to pay tax originally but the new registers make it difficult so I went with paying a buck and didn’t complain.

The picture is dark but there’s 6 Chex mix, 2 scope & 1 crest mouthwash, 16 packs of UP2U gum, 2 watermelon Arizona’s, 1 aussie conditioner, 1 herbal essences mousse, and 5 good’n’natural bars

I am very happy with my trips of late! Oh did I mention in my Walmart trip everything above plus a $20 gift card was all free! That gift card will be deposited into my Couponing for a computer fund.

Iam so blessed, thank you Jehova!


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