The Apple Butter Saga part deux


So this morning I woke up excited to find my room clean, breakfast made and everything in it’s place.Yea that didn’t happen, but the house did smell like apple loveliness. I had to drop off some things around town and since the crock was taking care of cooking for me I left and did what I had to do happy as a hummingbird. Until I walked into the kitchen and found a big fat OFF in the dialogue box of my crock. Seriously? I had it cooking low and slow all night and morning only to turn off the moment I left the house, which didn’t help at all in the thickening process.

Condensed down to about half the size, I blended the chunks with my if you don't know what that is

What also didn’t help was that I was waiting for my Apple Butter to magically turn from soupy consistency to jam/jelly-like consistency for hours and hours…which never happened.I got on Facespace (my word for Facebook) and posted on the canning page I’m part of, writing a huge cry for help and what am I doing wrong? Only right after that (of course) I thought to spoon a little onto a plate and put it in the fridge to cool down and see if it’s better chilled. Voila! Like magic it was perfect consistency! It only took 18 hours! At least I’ll know for next time. But everything did come out delicious and beautiful.

Please admire the sexy photos below:

Dark and delicious

Remember you can always purchase my jam on my shop here.


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