CVS & Target shopping trip of 8/31


I'm loving the laundry soap and Olay products!

Yesterday was the last day of the month which meant expiring coupons and an overlap period where you can use coupons from 2 P&G insterts (previous months and currents). I had a few deals that (as a professional procrastinator) I waited until last minuet to do.

First at CVS I had some things I had to return, then bought a bottle of Tide, Gain, John Frieda Hair dye, shampoo and conditioner and got back $10 ecbs, and a $10 Shell gas gift card.

Then after work Zazzles and I went on another coupon escapade at Target. Let me tell you, I always try and do a prayer before I coupon and the Lord sure blessed us with an amazing cashier! I usually don’t rave about cashiers but this guy, Clarance, was awesome! If there was a hook, he was off it! (see what I did there 😉 ) He happily took my coupons and when my total was $1.20 after everything pictured above (minus CVS products) he was cheering us on! Then it was Zazzles‘ turn and her total came to $1.21! She gave me a hi-5 since that was the lowest she’s ever paid yet when couponing. She rocks and Jesus rocks for blessing our trips. Oh and I should also mention that both of us had gift cards so really we didn’t have to spend any change out of pocket 🙂 The fruit just gets sweeter.


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