It’s Cookies! I mean, Friday!


It’s been a loooong week. Full of pickling, jamming and unfortunately no relaxing 😦 But that’s okay I’ve gotten a lot done. Nothing much from my mental to-do list but random stuff I realized I needed to do and did (don’t we all go there?).

I visited my Noni this week. She is a woman hard to describe. If you are spanish she would be the Doña. She is a woman I owe much love, respect and wonder to and I love her dearly.

I also did a lot of pickling! I had sold a few jars of jam, pickles and banana peppers so I was almost bone bare of stock. I ended up coming home with a small box of cucumbers and just went at it on my day off, then finished the day making a spur-of-the-moment batch of plum preserves. Which by the way was intended to be jam until halfway through I realized the chunks of plum were almost whole so I just changed the name and ta da! =Plum preserves lol. That’s how it’s done, everything by accident almost on purpose 😉
Since my fridge is filling up quickly with half full jars of jam that didn’t make it into the canning pot I figured I’d make some Thumbprint Cookies. I would copy and paste the recipe and act like I was a baking genius and just whipped this recipe together but I’m feeling lazy humble and will just lead you here instead. Happy Friday…


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