Free Foraging Friday!


Okay, okay I know what you’re thinking. Today is Saturday and it is. Yesterday was just such a great day I just wanted to relive it one more time. My cousin Zazzles and I met up to catch a couple of sales and watch anime together. The day went much more exciting than planned!

We went to Holmberg Orchards to get a few delicious of the most disgusting pickles I’d ever tasted *vomitsounds* Afterwards, we went to a top secret area and found some fresh wild raspberries to pick! And they were oh…so sweet yum….

We also ran to Target and CVS to redeem some coupons I had expiring, which I gave to Zazzles to learn to use for herself. And a local diner since she had a free gift certificate. It was a fun day full of free lunch, berries, clothes, groceries and best of all?? ….ANIME! Just a couple of episodes of East of Eden is all, a nice lil serving. What are your weekend plans? Anything exciting?


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