Walgreens, CVS & Target Shopping Trip 7/23-7/24


Yesterday was Sams birthday. We had ice cream cake, I gave him some super nice Nintendo memorabilia and we enjoyed each others company. I really felt like it was my birthday because he was just being so darn sweet.

I saw some deals Sunday night I knew I really wanted to get. I know I’m supposed to be saving money for our life’s trip to Japan, which my sister lovingly reminded me, but if it’s free it’s for me! Right? It’s super hard to walk away from an amazing deal and I had to do that yesterday but it’s all for the will of God. Isn’t it funny how simple things like mere coupon shopping affect your heart? 🙂

Total spent: $13.69
Total saved: $50.35

Anywho, so I really only ended up paying a little bit more than some of the things I had to pick up anyway so my conscience feels a bit better.

One thing I did splurge on was the purple bathing suit up front. I’ve been wanting a one-piece for a while now and whaddayanoe there’s one sitting on a clearance rack marked down to….wait for it……$4.65! Pfft yea! And it was my size and what’s the cherry on top you ask? It was ordered from their online store so it’s not a store item which means it’s not only somewhat origional, the odds of it being there, and my size and exactly what I was looking for are carazay! I almost put it back but I figured if for whatever reason I didn’t like it I could return it later, cause we all know it would not have been there once I turned my back. *superyay*

Total spent: $0.00
Total saved: $4.00

Today I returned to CVS since I heard the cvs coupon for the $1/2 was printing daily and luckily enough it was! I have 4 cards so that means 8 free candies!




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