Connectcut College Arboretum & Someone Trying to Kill Me


Since it was raining on and off the other day I was able to leave my job early. With 4 hours ahead of me I went home changed, grabbed a plastic container in hopes of finding berries (which don’t get excited, I didn’t find any) and was off!

My girl friend told me she heard of there being raspberries at the Conn College arboretum so I was hopeful and disappointed. But I had such a magical time walking around in the dense green with my polka dot umbrella. Not long after I descended the hill I started walking around and a badger ran like 6 feet in front of me! I was so giddy I started to walk into the forest after it (if you’re smart, don’t do this). I quickly realized I was very alone, and very in the woods where a serial killer/rapist could have me at his leisure without a soul ever knowing. Sooooo I decided I should slyly make my way back to a bigger path and get my tooshie outta there. On my-walk at a quick steady pace so the killer behind me doesn’t know I know he’s there -walk I came across these beautiful scenes and just had to risk death to capture them.
My favorite is the spiky caterpillar, I almost crushed him, thinking he was a dandelion or a cotton ball lol. I wanted to hug him but wasn’t sure if he was poisonous so I kept strolling at my about to die pace.


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