Blueberry jammin’



Today I knew I needed to make some blueberry jam since I had all the stuff out and ready but the lazy monster that makes my pillow look extra soft and my unmade bed look extra cozy was at play like a lawyer. When I came home I knew I couldn’t postpone or, honestly, it just wouldn’t happen. I found a great deal on a canning waterbath at walmart (only $18.97!) when I’ve seen them, cheapest, $50 up to $175 depending on which brand and materials you style with. Naturally I had to pick it up (since previously I was just using the deepest pot we had paired with the smallest jars I had). I searched online for a good blueberry jam recipe and combined 2 I liked resulting in a mix of cinnamon, and fresh grated nutmeg and a dash of lemon juice. I was keen to go a little less than what it called for in case it came out horrible (I’m not too crazy about nutmeg). Amazingly enough, after boiling for 15 minutes, everything tasted like blueberry magic in my mouth! It was even better than my favorite brand (Polander)! My recipe you ask?: 6 cups mashed blueberry 6 cups sugar 2 8oz pectin 1 tbsp lemon juice 1tbsp cinnamon A few grates of fresh nutmeg (go fresh or go home) probably about 1/4 tsp or a little less *I get my nutmeg from Walmart for only $0.79 in the sample sized baggies In your canner simmer (not boil) washed jars and center lids while preparing jam. Combine all ingredients except for sugar in nonstick deep pot and turn up heat. Once its a rolling boil you cannot contain add sugar and stir constantly until dissolved. Add hot jam to jars, wipe rim and lid. Screw band only fingertip tight to avoid explosions. Once all jars are full put into waterbath with boiling water and lid for 15 mins. Remove and place on towel to dry and thats when you great that magical *pop* that assures you you have an air tight seal. Leave to cool completely then store in a dark place until use for up to one year! I love jammin’…well I love eating it atleast. Do you or anyone in your family can? If so who, and what did they can? I love hearing canning stories, its really something to bond over. Maybe next time I can get my husband to participate.


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