Holmberg Orchards


So I keep meaning to write about this amazing mixed berry jam I made last week (and I’ve been raving about ever since) but my forgetfulness laziness has taken a hold of me.

Sam and I went up to Holmberg orchards where they have a ‘pick your own’ area for select in season fruits. Not only do you get to have fun spending time with good company, the blueberries are cheaper than the grocery store!-blueberries mad cheap say whaaaat?!-Yea it’s awesome. “How awesome is it?”you say?

Got all of that for $10.65!

Yup, you read right. 2 ginormous (yes that’s a real word cause I say so) bags of farm fresh blueberries for only $10.65.

Bring a friend to enjoy the time with, see who can fill their buckets with the most the quickest

I was so excited that I forgot to check what the actual weight came out to but I approximated there were about 7 or so pints of blueberries in there which at the store would have cost me (on sale at $1.99 the cheapest) $13.93 or for the more common regular price I see ($2.50 a pint) a savings of $17.50. I’ve even seen blueberries in off season up to $3.99 which is outrageous to me.

Vacuum sealed and ready to go into hibernation!

This is great because you can pick, wash, vacuum seal and reuse any time of the year. I’m already cracking into my first bag to make blueberry jam which I’ll follow up with a little later; recipe and all.



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