Walmart & Target Shopping Trip 7/09


Walmart is the dark ally of couponing that almost every person I encounter using coupons loathes. The cashiers are always ghetto and angry (like you personally are the reason they are having a bad day), they look at coupons like your giving them Canadian luny’s, they scrutinize E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and you almost always leave feeling either belittled or fuming.

So on that note, it’s that much more amazing that the majority of this trip was done at Walmart. I usually pass on Walmart deals even if they are free just to avoid the high blood pressure but unfortunately Target has yet to carry all the different Ball products for canning which I needed.

Total Spent: $9.80
Total Saved: $32.50

I spent less than what case of Quart Jars cost and got everything else for free!


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