CVS & Staples Shopping Trip 07/02


Gave away some stuff before taking pictures

Okay so the heat makes me lag and lazy so even though I’ve done a few semi-exciting things I’ve just been too heat-struck tired to blog about it.

East Coast Girl let me in on a great deal at CVS right now. Buy one Nivea lotion tin for $0.99 and out prints a $2 ecb! That’s a $1.01 money maker with no coupons needed. (This is limit of 4 per CVS card and can stop at any time.) So off I went..

The second amazing deal I spotted was ‘save $7 when you buy any Physicians Formula brand cosmetic $7 or more’! This is a instant savings not an ecb deal which means the eyeliner I got for $7.49 rang up as $0.49 when my CVS card was scanned. CVS:

1 Physicians Formula eye shadow

4 Physicians Formula liquid eyeliner pen

11 Nivea lotion tins

3 Cortaid cream

1 CVS brand cortisone (replacement since they were out of Cortaid)

1 Nair Shower Power


-$7 (5) instant savings for Physicians Formula

-(4x) Free Cortaid from red coupon machine

-%10 beauty club coupon for signing up

-$9 ecb

Total savings: $69.92

Total spent: $7.82

Ecb earned from total trips: $19!


5 Memo books

1 Spine guarded Notebook

Both items on clearance

Total spent: $3.15

Not sure how much saved but I’m so happy I got these cause the little ones will fit in my Bible perfectly!


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