Warm Your Heart


I love reading my friend Ermalopolous‘ blog. She says these things that catch me off guard and make me laugh, I love one of the series’ she has going on called Dear Aiden.

It’s a collection of letters sewn together with thread of love and sarcasm to her baby boy as he’s growing up.They sure are heartwarming and hilarious at times; it makes me wish there was someone I could secretly write to.

I remember when I was about 9 0r so, seeing a movie where a mother hand-wrote letters to her child all the months she was pregnant naming the letters ‘Dear baby‘. So I went into my butterfly notepad and in permanent marker wrote a letter titled Dear baby to my future baby.

Halfway through I remembered I never wanted kids because I would die so I flipped a few pages and wrote a letter instead to my Uncle Johnny that had recently passed away. It seemed like a better idea at the time since it was still someone who couldn’t read the letter in the moment. But then I came to realized he’d never be able to read them at all 😦 Thinking of it now, I wonder if God delivered those letters for me. I’m sure he did. But who can I write to now?

Do you have a secret letter series you write? Have you ever wanted to start one and if so to whom?


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