Want to make God laugh? …tell him your plans


Yesterday was very much a backyard-adventure day. I would’ve raved on all night about it but I was much too exhausted to put my last remaining energy into the keyboard and instead just knocked myself out to sleep.

My wonderful husband Sam, and my best friend Erma from East Coast Girl tagged along with me as we went out in search of yard sales bright and early in the morn’. We found nothing 😦  There were a couple of yard sales that we saw left over from Saturday morning (we did a quick run around town before I went into work) but nothing really besides that. Our spirits were hopeful as we trudged on but nothing kept showing up like a proud cat with a dead mouse.

Since our town was around since colonial times, there’s so many small nook roads and side streets that are covered with growth that you never knew existed. It was mystical seeing secret streets and old cemeteries and the occasional building that you weren’t sure was a house, castle or church.

House falling apart, it looks crazy in real life! It’s all sideways!

Any time I see one of these I automatically assume it’s haunted, it’s more fun that way 🙂

As our vain search of yard sales came to an end we stopped at a little kind of Farmers Market stand that is open year round. I remember buying blueberries from there when I was a little girl with my daddy so I suggested we stop in.

Jaques Plants & Produce

They had vegetable plants on sale for Buy One Get One free! It turned out to be about $0.80 a plant so I grabbed a bunch not realizing I have no garden bed or anything of the sort oy vey.

This is my ‘I’m so excited I didn’t think ahead for this at all!’ face

Roma tomato half way there!

Assorted Tomatoes, squash and zucchini

By the time we got home I was so excited about all the going green I was doing I wanted to show Ermsicle how to make some home made pickles. I took out my half dozen Kirby Cukes and they all were covered in a white film and mushy *tear* The grocery store gave me a double refund as per their policy! Which was nice but that meant no pickles until a new shipment came in 😦 And of course on the way there we passed a yard sale *sigh* of course.

Well, since we had some time and nothing to do me and Ermalicious decided to bring out our inner 13-year olds and ride around the block. I have to admit I had big hopes of using my new roller skates I had gotten from Saturdays yard sale.

$3 at a yard sale!

I forgot how it takes about 10 minutes to get them on and lace them up.

I love the pink and white! The dirt and scuffs add some character that I just adore.

I pictured me in a hip 1950’s style poodle skirt and a pony tail skating down to the local ice cream shop drinking a malt shake. That dream died as soon as I realized my balance isn’t what it used to be and when you don’t do something you haven’t done since you were 13 every dormant muscle wakes up like an angry dragon and it is not happy. Muscles I couldn’t even locate were throbbing and by the time we did one loop around the block I was dripping in sweat, out of breath, and looked like a crazy woman that just jumped some little girl for her skates and was riding away at a steady pace of -1 mph.

It was still fun and Ermalopolous looked great on the bike, she didn’t look like she was sweating or having a stroke which I greatly envied.

Do you go yard sailing in the summer? What are some of your favorite activities?

*All pictures courtesy of East Coast Girl*


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