Not Your Grandma’s Coupons


Whenever I strike up a conversation, I love mentioning how I’m a couponer. Sometimes I feel like that title ties me to some underground organization; and in a way it does!

I sweep aisles for clearance in my down time, troll the internet for the best rock-bottom prices and run to the grocers like I’m in an episode of Supermarket Sweep.

I love to share how to coupon because I think it’s a blessing everyone should be reaping from. So here I will provide you with a great source of links to help get you started 🙂

Momsbyheart is where I got my Intro to Couponing. She explains clearly, simply yet also states:

“Just FYI: I am not an extreme couponer. If you’re looking for someone with a convenience store in their garage, well, you’re in the wrong place. I’m just a regular mom, looking to save a buck and sharing all my bargains with my MBH homegirls.”

All starter information is about the same but if you would like something a little more in depth, try Thekrazycouponlady. She’s got a lot more oomph and gets much more detailed. Whichever you choose you will still walk down that grocery aisle in confidence because

  1. You’ve unlocked the secret to saving money via coupons like unlocking the secret exit on Super Mario SNES  Chocolate Island 2 when you go through the level without disrupting anything, receiving any coins and never killing any bad guys (had to give a nerdy reference :b)
  2. You name your prices. You don’t abide by stores’ so-called sales and their ridiculous regular prices.
  3. You can do half the work online!

These are the top blogs I use for my store matchups (these blogs do all the work for you, you just search clip and go! It’s that simple):

A portion of those are for the south only, most of the others are universal.

There are 4 sources for your Internet Coupon needs:

I hope you enjoy and apply the composite of information and are thrilled about you new found hope of saving money. Make sure to read the Beginners section of the blog of your choice.

Now, print, clip and run down that grocery aisle like a dingo’s about to eat yo’ babay!


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