Lean, Green Smoothie Machine


So I’ve kind of been on a fitness kick lately.

Well I shouldn’t say fitness so much as ‘health’. I’ve been hitting the gym at least once a week with my girlfriend, Shortstuff*, and she’s been encouraging me to eat healthier and also try Yoga which I was hesitant about for multiple reasons, such as seen here.

I do want to become more flexible and healthy so when I’m 75 I’ll look like this amazing lass. Shortstuff is a Christian believer also so we’re trying not to watch videos that  mention opening chakras and we also pray instead of meditate.

Almost religiously every night, I end up trolling Pinterest looking for delicious concoctions to make in the morning and I stumbled upon this! A green smoothie with spinich, cilantro, lime and other fun greens.

Kale, apple & cilantro

I’m still working on my first cup and honestly, I love ginger but only do 1/4 tsp if it’s powdered. Mine is very strong and  I only did 1 tsp when the recipe calls for 2! It says that based on rough calculations, the smoothie comes in at about 200 calories, with 11 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, over 700% of the Vitamin A and 260% of the Vitamin C you need for a day, and a long list of other vitamins.

Who can resist when it’s that good for you, now go grab your greens and get blending!



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