A Puerto Rican Delicacy…


Okay, okay I know I’ve been absent lately but it’s all in good reason. I’ve been exhausted from cooking, baking (and eating) in the kitchen lately.

Last Saturday my mother in law and I tackled one of the most comprehensive dishes in Puerto Rican cuisine: Pasteles.

It’s a dish better prepared with a full kitchen of helpers but it was just me and her. It took a full work shift: 7 hours! But the results are delicious and I’ve been eating them everyday since. 😉

I keep meaning to take a picture of it out of the wrap when it’s ripe for the eatin’ but I keep doggin’um (yea I said it) everytime I lay eyes on one.

I’m sure you mouth is probably not watering like mine after seeing the pictures but believe me it’s amazing!

The recipe we used was pretty close to this just slightly different. We made our own relleno (meat filling) with whatever we felt like throwing in, and cooked the chicken until it fell apart; braising it. The pork was cut off of a pernil (pork shoulder) and boiled with seasonings. You can do any meat you want, pork is more traditional.

The recipe is here,I love it because of the way she mixes history with recipes and tries to keep it traditional and easy.

Now, go into your kitchen, you got some cooking to do!


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