Shop Rite, Family Dollar and Target shopping trip 06/06


I had a great day couponing today!

I went to Family Dollar twice, Shop Rite once and made a quick stop in at Target with my b.a.f. (best Asian friend :b).

Total Spent: $0.00
Total Saved: $10.00

Family Dollar was decent, it went great until a cashier flipped out on me for kindly telling her she had green marker on her face (won’t ever do that again).

Any who, I was glad to see they were fully sto

cked on Kotex liners (which were gone by the time I had come back for my second trip) and there was one lonely Scrubbing Bubbles waiting to go home with me so I happily picked it up.

Since they were unloading their stock truck I figured it was safe to take the last Scrubbing Bubbles in hopes they will replenish.

Shop Rite was nice and quick. My mother-in-law and I found some unexpected on-the-spot deals: $0.99/lb peaches, coupon for $0.99/lb Shop Rite chicken breast, cheap steak, and restocked Kotex liners.

Total Spent: $15.89
Total Saved: $62.12

My other Family Dollar trip consisted of 4 more boxes of liners (I know, I know but hey, they’re free!).  And a pair of Dr. Scholls Massaging Jelly Insoles that came to $0.95 after coupons.

My total spent today: $16.84

Total Saved: $81.12


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