Target Shopping Trip of 5/22/13



So, I used to be an extreme couponer. Not the kind you see on TLC’s Extreme Couponing (because that’s a load of rabbit droppings, it’s all fake and staged) but a real one. A couponing trip where you save at least 50% on a shopping trip, but since our move to CT I’ve just been sitting in bed doing nothing with my life, complaining I’m bored.

Yesterday I opened the blinds, wiped my eyes and put my game face on! I snatched Sam from in front of his PC games and forced him to bring me to Target and get muh coupon’on. I didn’t have an amazing trip, I didn’t even save 50% but I got all sorts of things I needed/wanted so either way I was happy.

So this is the breakdown:

Up & Up Cotton balls $0.99

-$0.75/1 beauty accessory TP

Up & Up Cotton make up pads $0.85

-$0.75/1 beauty accessory TP

4 Gold Dial soaps $1.29 ea

$2/2 MQ (no longer available)

-$1/2 Dial soap TP (x2)

Up & Up tampons $2.79

-$1/1 absorbency item TP

2 Market Pantry soups $0.64 ea

-$1/2 Market pantry soup TP

2 Market Pantry Ice cream $3.29

-$1/2 Market pantry ice cream TP

2 Market Pantry 5-lb bags of sugar $3.09 ea

-$1/1 5-lb Market Pantry sugar TP (x2)

2 Up & Up Petroleum jelly $1.24 ea

-$1/1 Up & Up baby hair or body product (x2)

1 Up & Up Baby hair detangler $1.34

-$1/1 Up & Up baby hair or body product

2 V8 Spicy on clearance for $2.37 ea

-$1/2 Catalina coupon printed from grocery store

1 Red Xiliration sweater from clearance section $6.88

-$3/1 Xiliration ladies apparel TP

Miracle Gro Organix Potting Soil $4.99

-No coupon

Sample sized Organix Argan Oil Conditioner cleranced for $$1.68

-No coupon

Total spent: $30.37

Total saved: $17.22


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