Escaping the cave



So, Sam has been going on and on and on and on* about this car meet coming up so he can surprise his friends from his Subaru forum (yes, most of my husbands friends are online; no he’s not a serial killer). It was great to see him excited about an excavation outside of the house.


*that’s my honey looking all professional shooting photos*

Well yesterday was the day and his friends sure were surprised since they all thought he was still in Florida. It’s funny to see my husband interact with “outside” human beings; people outside of his personal bubble. He gets all excited and stammerish and stutters like an excited little kid, and since most of them are also shy and nerdy they’re the same. I imagine it must be the same as having play-dates children.

There were mostly Subaru’s of all assortments but there were some other cool cars: a few Nissan Skylines’,


a Viper, some muscle cars and some antique cars, all sorts. It was nice for about 3 laps back and forth, then it was just hot and booooring.

I felt horrible complaining about the heat and boredom since I always complain about being stuck in the house. We drove around the area and not even 10 miles away was the Danbury Mall so we walked that, looked at a couple used car dealerships since I’m in need of a car, then went back to the meet in time for the raffle (which we didn’t win a thing). It was a nice day and we got lots of great pics. Do you like staying home or going out, if you stay home what do you do?

*All photos taken by yours truly, not bad eh?*


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