This morning my husband and I watched a 90’s classic: Total Recall

*said with Arnold accent*

It was actually a really fun and compelling movie. It didn’t keep me bored like most movies do, especially oldies. I find it hard to watch old classics since we’re so used to amazing cg like in Avatar, where it feels like those characters actually exist somewhere but the government won’t tell us where but they’ll give us sneak peaks with movies.

The most memorable thing about the movie has to be, Arnold hiding in a robotic costume of a fat lady with a Mustard Yellow trench coat,


the triple-boobed lady (bet you wanted a picture of that one ha!)

and the way anyone who was exposed outside of the civilized dome would look like this:


Yea it was a fun movie alright. Kuato was a pretty freaky character also but I didn’t want to ruin that surprise for you, so go out to your local Blockbuster *do those still exist?* and grab you a copy! Or just rummage through your moms dusty old VHS collection. Either way, it’s a good watch.

This morning my…


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