Hark…I got crabs!


Today was an awesome day. Sam has been so good to me since we’ve been up north. He’s really been making an effort to keep me entertained since I get all Dr. Jekyll on him when I’m cooped up for too long.

So today’s outing was to Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, Connecticut. It’s a really lush green and blue kind of park where you can sit on the beach and stare at The Sound or wander in the aged old castle-like mansion.

There are vines that creep up stone walls; faded, chipped ivy-wrapped stone walkways, animals popping out of burrows, butterflies dancing on flowers, bees buzzing, birds chirping. The only thing missing is Snow White singing down a well (Oh! And there’s one of those too!).

Harkness is one of my favorite places in the world.

So, Sam and I walked on the beach today, which for some reason I never really go to (I always get caught up in the stone and the well, and the hidden carvings and climbing big low tree bows), and we found crab carcases galore! It was like Crabapalooza out there! And what do you do when you find something dead? Yup, I sure found me a good stick and started pokin’. I actually found 2 almost entirely intact (only missing a claw or a leg) baby crabs! Not bigger than a half dollar, they are so cute!

So I naturally thought ‘what can I do with these?’. The answer was to encase them forever in resin. I’ve been practicing with making resin jewelry for a little while now (once to be exact) and I thought this was a great chance for something different.

My clear crab coffins are drying until morning, I’ll sneak a pic then and we’ll see how they come out.


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